StopThePain804 is a community empowerment program FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. The #1 Goal of the project is to STOP senseless violence. The program was launched in the City of Richmond, VA in September of 2009. The initial funding for the program came from money “seized” from crime scenes.
So far the program has been able to work directly with over 2,000 high school students in small groups. The presentation consisted of a 30-minute documentary called “StopThePain” and a 60 minute in-person discussion / education period led by local presenters- all whose lives had been touched by violence. The program was also presented in the Richmond City Jail with the support of the local Sheriff.
While the video still exists, the program is no longer being presented, due to lack of funding. Program creators and presenters are open to working with any and all individuals, groups and agencies interested in seeing this valuable program continue.